Summer Camp Jobs

If you love kids and are looking for something different to do this summer, why not get a summer camp job? You would be able to meet new people, interact with children, spend the summer days productively, have fun, and earn some cash.

Most summer camps require their camp counselors to have experience facilitating summer camps, and also give priority to people with experience as school counselors. At the very least, you must be 18 years old or older. You must be a US citizen or have a valid work visa, but some camps allow exchange students from other countries to work as counselors, too.

If you get the job, you will serve as a ‘role model’ who assists and motivates campers while they are learning new skills, and help them deal with new issues or ideas. You may also need to provide personal care, which includes assisting some campers with dressing or feeding.

If you love kids and have an ‘outdoorsy’ personality, you can be a camp facilitator. You can teach kids how to swim, hike, or survive in the wilderness, or teach them special skills such as pottery making and other crafts.

Summer camps are also looking for researchers, coaches, nurses, program directors, lifeguards, program leaders, adventure leaders, support staff, and much more. As long as you are fun-loving, patient and have a genuine concern for young people, you will surely find a job in camp.

Camp counselors and facilitators are paid anywhere from $180 to $200 per week, depending on the camp. You usually get free board and lodging, a visa (of you are a foreigner), and sometimes even plane fare. Some parents give tips to camp employees.