The Path to Gourmet Street in Restaurant City

Everyone wants to be the best – at the top of the heap of the millions of different Restaurant City players out there who invest time and energy each day into creating the best possible restaurant they can. They spend hours a day trying to master the art of the island layout or making their restaurant look as good as possible. They want to be the best, but many people don’t know how to get there.

Where Do You Start?

Starting out on the route to being the best is hard, but if you know where to look and how to start playing, you can be on your way before you know it. To begin with, it’s good to not put your restaurant in the rating guide. You will likely have a very ugly, functional only restaurant until you reach Level 20. That means that people will rate you low for that functionality and that’s only going to hurt your ratings in the long run.

Instead, keep your restaurant away from the ratings for as long as possible until you can reach Level 20 and start buying some big, beautiful new decorations to make the space glimmer and shine. That is what the pros are doing and how they are getting those 5 star ratings.

There’s More

Additionally, you need to please your customers. Most raters take the rating process very seriously and will not award you with a 5 Star if you have unhappy customers or tired employees. So you need to keep everything clean, keep energy levels up as much as possible and be sure that the service remains top notch. Level up your dishes and get that popularity score up as high as you can. Those are both good tasks as well – ones that will help immensely in getting your game maxed out to the point where you can start getting 5 star ratings.

Gourmet Street, Here You Come

The key to Gourmet Street is creativity. You cannot get to the top with just a well made Italian restaurant. Try replicating a famous restaurant or recreating a famous landmark. A restaurateur recreated the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the summer and was rewarded for it with outrageous ratings that took the game by storm. That kind of creativity will get the job done almost every time. Most of all, have fun and go to town. Only then will you be able to truly stand out among so many.

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