Get a Check Up on Your Car Before a Big Trip

With the Holidays in full swing, many a family is planning a trip to see relatives and friends. Often the car is the transportation of choice. The question is, is your car in shape for the long trip? Getting your car checked out before a long trip is a really smart thing to do. You can avoid any potential safety issues and ensure your family is safe and secure in the car, and you can certainly avoid costly and untimely roadside breakdowns. Take your car to the local auto repair shop, and they will give your car a good going over.

Things to Look For

There are a lot of things the auto technician will look for when inspecting your car for a long trip. Some of them are:

  • Proper Air Pressure in your Tires- Tire pressure makes for better handling and better fuel economy. If you haven’t rotated your tires in 10,000 miles, do so.
  • Tread on the Tires is OK- You need good traction if you encounter winter weather or rain. This check also assures you won’t have a flat!
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid is to the Top of the Reservoir- Winter is here. Being able to keep your windshield clean and clear of ice or snow is a must. Sometimes you need a lot of fluid to keep your windshield clean in winter weather storms. Fill to the top!
  • Oil Level is Good and Quality of Oil is Good- This is very important. A car runs a lot more smoothly and efficiently (less cost) with clean oil.
  • Transmission Fluid Level and Quality is Good- This is very important. If your Transmission fluid is old or low, it can harm the transmission so be sure it is at the full level and clean.
  • Brake Fluid Level is OK- Low brake fluid can cause brakes to malfunction.
  • Radiator is Clear of Debris- A radiator needs to breath to keep your engine cool.
  • No Loose Fittings or Items in the Engine Area and Under the Car- Don’t leave any key fittings on the road! Check for any leaks.
  • Brakes are Working OK- This is a big safety check. Make sure the brake pads are healthy and have plenty of life left in them.

Be sure you get a Free 174 Point Car Inspection while you have the car at the auto repair shop and get set up on a preventative maintenance plan for the long term health of your car. It pays for itself! Have a safe trip!

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