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Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure DX – Director’s Cut

According to the storyline of Sonic Adventure DX Director’s city, after Sonic had returned from a previous adventure, he comes to a train station where a group of police has gathered around. At the train station, there is a blue creature called Chaos. Despite the police keep shooting Chaos, it cannot die so Sonic decide to fight against it. Sonic was not aware of the evil ambition for Station Square and the world.

The main characters of the Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knucles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, E-102 “Gamma”. Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest hedgehog in the world. Some people called Sonic as the blue speed demon. Miles “Tails” prower has two tails which enables him to fly. Miles own a workshop in Mystic Ruins. Knuckles the Edhidna, who is the guard of Master Emerald, has the ability to glide, dig and dins pieces of shards that belongs to the Master Emerald. Knuckles have a bad temper and is always fooled by Eggman. Amy Rose is the girlfriend of Sonic. Amy Rose carries a weapon called Piko Piko Hammer.

Big the Cat loves to go fishing with his good friend Froggy. E-102 “Gamma” is invented by Eggman. However, E-102 is different than other robots created by Eggman. The sub characters of Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut include Tikal, Pachacamac, Echidna Tribe, and Froggy. Tikal is the light that will guide you throughout the game. Pachamac is the chief of the village. Echidna Tribe has a similar appearance as Knuckles and they love to get involved in a fight. Froggy is Big’s best friend. Froggy got a new tail growth after he ate a chaos emerald.

Sonic Adventure DX uses 3D graphics to display the images in the game. Sonic Adventure DX has more than thirty massive levels, fifty missions, bonus rounds, bosses and mini games.

In Japan, the GameCube version was released on 19th June 2003 while the Windows version was released on 18th December 2003. In North America, the GameCube version was released on the 18th June 2003 while the Windows version was released in 2004. In PAL region, the game cube version was released on 27th June 2003 while the Windows version was released on 6th February 2004. Sonic Adventure DX Director can be played as single player or two player game. The menu and the characters can be controlled through the game controller and keyboard.

Sustainer For Sexually Adventurous Couples

Do you think you are good in sex already? There are still lots and lots of fun and adventures in sex. How many positions have you tried with your partner? Or you create different styles from the usual and commonest of all positions and you think its enough? Try more advanced positions and see for yourself how wide and immeasurable the world of sex is.

Ever since sex was first discovered, people have experimented with different positions. Some ancient test such as the sexual Bible entitled Su-Nui Ching, written thousands of years ago by the Chinese Emperor, Karma Sutra of Vatsyayana; the perfumed Garden of the soul’s recreation; a 16th century Arabic work by Sheikh Netzaoni and as well as the first western work to discuss sexual positions, Speculum al foden (the Mirros or coitus). These ancient works contain exotic pictures of different positions and were created to help couples to enhance their relationship. The fact that these books exist and they are so popular proves that for generations we have had an appetite to expand our sexual horizons.


This is another popular position, doggy style been one of the many commonest variations. Ideal for G- spot stimulations and has more appeal. It is very simple to try. The woman gets on her hands and knees or lies on her front on the bed or anywhere else; and then the man kneeling behind her, penetrates and grasp her hips. Some Men prefer to put their legs between their partner’s thighs whilst others keep them outside her legs. However, if she keeps her legs close, her vagina would be tighter. This position gives the man a lot of freedom to express himself more, he can play with her nipples as he thrusts, play with her clitoris or she can play with herself.

For a lazy but exciting variation of sex from behind, the man can lie on his back with the woman lying on her back on top of him. Clitoris and breast are easily reachable and he can enjoy the sensual sliding of her body against his. In this position, penetration is not that deep; however, remember that vagina was most sensitive of the entrance, deeper entry isn’t always better. Shallow penetration can be better for men too. It can simply stimulate the head of the penis which is more sensitive than the shaft.

“From behind” can be fun if you take it just outside the bed. The woman kneels, facing the bed and the man penetrates her from behind, the further forward the man leans the deeper the man can penetrate.


Many women find it pleasurable if they lie on their front while the man enters them from behind. Penetration is not as deep as it is as in the classic doggy style. So this is a good one to try if the man is particularly well endowed. Masturbating during sex is one of the easiest ways to increase the chances of achieving orgasms. It is not a negative comment on the Man’s skills; it shows great intimacy between partners as masturbating in front of your partner requires certain amount of trust. If you have problems with him Cumming inside you, masturbate until close to climax then let him penetrate you. Doggy style is a great position to incorporate masturbation and sex toys into. Particularly, giving it doesn’t provide any direct clitoral stimulation. A finger or vibrator on the clitoris can give the woman the best of both worlds. G- Spot stimulation through penetration and clitoral stimulation as well. If using vibration, he will feel it too. As for the man, add gentle strokes over her skin or give a rain of kisses over her shoulders to add more sensuality to proceedings. Doggie style is great for G- spot stimulation, it makes thrusts really deep.

During sex, the A- zone is easiest to hit from behind. Women would often experience strong contractions if it is hit. And this occurs most often when the woman is trying to push the man out. If this happens, the man should press harder into the woman as the harder he presses, the more thrilling her orgasms would be. Sex from behind is wild and animalistic and gives a great view of stimulating her G- spot and giving a lot of scope for clitoral stimulation. What more is needed in sex?


Sitting is the classic slow position to enjoy a lazy and leisurely love making. A woman just climbs on him and grinds away, whether face to face or not, taking things slowly is the key to getting into a great climax. Standing sex on the other hand is mostly designed for the quicker couples. If he has strong thighs, try having sex standing up. The woman wraps her legs around him; you both get deep penetration and can kiss ad caress each other whilst you make love. Doggy variant is when a woman leans over a Table or an office Desk or a kitchen sink. The penetration is deep and her strongly tight vagina creates a strong, friction. The opposition is where she lies back on the Table or Desk or kitchen sink again, penetration is deep and both have great access to each other’s bodies.

The bestride sex

This is the easiest. The Man simply sits down while the woman straddles him. This can be labor intensive on his thigh as the woman uses them to control the gliding.

The Back limb

This is the other way round with the woman on her sit, she leans back on the chair with her legs spread and the man enters her from a kneeling position, the further back the woman leans, the more the man can thrust into her. For deep penetration and a head rush, the woman can sit astride the man on any arm chair with her feet astride him. She then leans back until her arms are on the floor and her head is dangling down. A woman can use her hands and hips to control the thrusting, the man can pump his Pelvis and play with her clitoris.

The Side Bestride Sex

If you want to try something different, try varying the approach. Again the Man sits down on a chair but the woman neither sits astride him nor on top of him but sits sides on. This is a very different sensation for both of you. Be careful not to stretch the Penis to an angle that is not comfortable with and mover slowly until you both are happy with the feeling.

Enveloping sex

Find a good place to sit. Start with the man’s legs spread and the woman crouching above him, she slides onto him and then envelops or wraps her legs around him. He then wraps his legs around her and both partners hold hands and lean back, suing each others weight to balance. This position is also a good one to try in the bath.

You can also use a varying object on a chair. Try varying how far your legs can spread. In this position, the man supports her back with his hands while both enjoy the deep penetration. Women can also flex their vagina muscles easiest while making Love sitting down, adding to mutual pleasure. Don’t just thrust but try making figure of 8 motions with your hips as she does that she can also keep trashing him with her vaginal grip to really excite him.

You can also use sitting position to make things last longer and have some sexy fun. Sit astride him then have a conversation, or even both read a book while slowly rocking away. Take it in turns to tease each other. Maybe he can strike your breast so you can flex your vagina muscles while calmly talking about the weather. It will last longer and the eventual Orgasm would be far stronger. A red-hot sitting down experience could be enjoyed if the man sits on a washing Machine, when it’s on spin cycle. And the woman sits on his laps. They can caress each other as they ride on the washing Machine.

Many enjoy the feeling of water on their bodies when they make love, sex in the shower combines in the stimulation of your love making with the additional sensuality of the water cascading on your bodies, the water spray can be used to stimulate the clitoris or testicles, if you want to have sex, standing up on the shower, first of all, get a rubber mat, you both need to have strong thighs to make this one all the way.


Who said there are no more positions after mastering the afore-mentioned ones?

Star sex

He is on his side facing her and she lay on her back, in right angles with him. One of her legs (maybe left) is raised over him. Then the other leg is in between his legs. This gives a really nice deep penetration and her vagina feels open against him. His legs give an added stimulation and he can reach her breast, nipples and great parts of her body.

The key lock

The woman lies on her back with her legs spread widely apart and the man facing her feet lowers himself on top so that his feet are on either side of her shoulders. The woman can rest her legs on the Man’s back as he thrusts into her backwards, the woman can try pulling his hips to deeper penetration.

The cycle

Starts with the “woman- on top” position with the woman facing forwards, once she is really well lubricated, she then makes a quarter turn, making the man keep his penis inside her, she the makes another turn, keeping her back on the man, she carries on making these turns which really stimulate both of them and there is a great sensation in it. She can make as much number of turns as she can.

The man can as well try it too with him being on top. Starting with the missionary position, he uses his hands on “press up” style to move around on 360 degrees while his penis is stuck into her vagina. This is good for G- spot stimulation but requiring very strong arms.

The vertical Angle/ split

For people with good balance, this can be performed. Stand facing your partner, the man with his legs a few feet apart. The woman hangs onto his neck and raises her leg up to rest on his shoulder, once the Man penetrates her, the woman should raise her legs as highest as possible in a vertical split, moving her calf as far his shoulders as possible.

The 3 wings

The woman lies on her back with her left leg pointing up in the air and her right leg stretched out to the sides, she holds onto her right knee.

The Octopus

Start in the “woman- on top” position. She should stare at the ceiling; you can try not looking at each other and try not touching each other to really focus on your genitals.

Double Limb Lift

The woman sits astride the man while the man sits on the floor or bed; with his legs facing forwards and his hands supporting him. Rather than kneeling over him, she throws her legs over his shoulders; this adds an extra stimulation of both the G- spot and the A- zone.

Half- way sex

Start by having sex in a side by side position. In the same direction, the woman reaches down grasping the man’s ankles pulling them up as far as she can to his toes in this position.

The high- way

This is an advanced variation of “woman- on top”. The man puts his feet together so that his soles are touching, the woman then sits on them and he can sue his feet to help pull her unto his penis.

The tricycle

This provides interesting sensations for both. Bear in mind the blood rush to the woman’s head. Some women may love this but be careful, as this does not add any thrills to the proceedings. She faces down, resting on her two hands, while the man makes her suspend half way by grasping her two legs as he penetrates while standing.

The Backwards Tricycle

The woman climbs unto the man, wraps her legs around him and grips unto him with her thighs; she then leans back until her hands touch the floor.

The Wagon

If you are a woman who loves the head blood rush, you can try “the wagon” position. Your partner kneels between your thighs, holds your hips and enters you. This gives a new angle that will send sensations to both of you.

There are endless positions to choose from, in a car; push the front seats forward for maximum room with any sexual position but take it slowly when trying the advanced ones in particular on the stair case, the man could be one or more steps down as they try the missionary. Stop if anything hurts at all. Sex is about fun.


Vary the location- sex isn’t just for the bedroom.

Try varying the angel of penetration.

Communicate- and try not to take sex too seriously.

Do not take sex as your duty or responsibility or as a natural process only to reproduce and have children. Sex is beyond that, just relax and derive as much pleasure as you can get from it.

Note that sex is for fun and should also be practiced in healthy methods, hence this articles has restrictions only to vaginal sex. Medically speaking, the walls of the intestine are thinner and fragile when compared to the wall of the vagina and hence anal sex should be discouraged. But for couples who enjoy it, then they can safely practice it if they want to.

Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always got. Try a new thing and get a new feeling which is an added pleasure to the one you already have.